Wish You Could Pet Your Cat Clean?
We Designed All Natural Wipes That Fit Like a Glove

For cats like me, there’s a fine line between petting and grooming. One feels like a relaxing massage, the other, like a stressful chore. Plus,“brushing” sometimes feels like a game I’m just not allowed to play. A total bummer.

So if you’re wondering why your cat might not be super receptive to being wiped or brushed, this could be why.

Wish you could get the best of both worlds?

All Natural Cat Wipes… But in Glove Form?

I had a little word with our engineering and product development departments. Told them the truth about how most cats feel about being ‘groomed’. Being the dogs that they are, they had no idea – so we put our heads together and redesigned our all natural cat wipes to literally fit like a glove.

Now you and your fur-end can enjoy all of the benefits of all natural cat wipes, just by petting them with this special SPA  glove. The design is every bit as natural and environmentally-responsible as our normal wipes. The only difference is you can wear this one!

Think it’s just a glove? Think again. These all natural SPA gloves are:

🐾 catnip-infused and made with food-grade formula that’s 100% safe for cats to lick

🐾 doubles as a toothbrush to clean your cat’s teeth to prevent buildup

🐾 moist, not wet so you can clean your cat without leaving them soaking wet

🐾 made with special enzymes to break down excrement for a squeaky clean behind

🐾 equipped with soft, calming scents like lavender to calm your kitty down

It’s a true game-changer, especially if you have a finicky cat that gets… moody.

About the Author: Fiona

Fiona has been the President & CEO of Pawer Lab for 2 years. She manages day-to-day operations to ensure everything’s running purrfectly. Her hobbies include chasing lasers, taking naps and snacking on treats.

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