All About PawerLab

Welcome to PawerLab: the pet supply provider your pets would choose if they could talk.

What makes us so special? Well, let’s just say we’re not your grandoggie’s pet supply company.

So, who are we?

We’re The Brains & Brawn of the Operation


“It takes a pet to know a pet” - Fiona, CEO of PawerLab

Being 100% pet owned & operated means we know what your pets want. That’s why we’re known for creating some of the highest-quality, compromise-free products on the market. So if your pet wants something, chances are, we have it.

We’re All Natural, Baby


When it came time to research and to develop our products, we realized something shocking: most of what’s in conventional pet products is no better than what we leave in the litterbox.

So, we set out to create something better – something worth wagging a tail over which turned out to be easier than we thought. Turns out, less can be more. By developing chemical-free products with simple, natural ingredients, we were able to develop healthier, more sustainable products that your furry friends won’t get enough of!

We’re Cruelty-Free Across The Board


Hey, I don’t even like getting my nails trimmed, so it’s safe to say that we firmly stand against animal testing of any kind. That means your pets can sleep soundly knowing that zero animals were harmed during the research or development of our products. However “cruelty-free” sounds less like an accomplishment and more like a requirement. That’s when we decided to take things a step further.

We’re Never Above Lending Out a Paw


As much as we love our humans and appreciate everything they do for us, we acknowledge that not all tailed-treasures aren’t as lucky. As a company, we believe all animals deserve to be loved and taken care of. That’s why we pledge to donate X% of our sales revenue to local animal shelters around the country.

You can spread the puppy love for free by following us on Instagram and entering one of our many contests. If you win, you’ll get to decide which animal shelter gets our donations. But don’t worry, these events come around like a dog chasing his tail!