Clean Your Cat Like It’s All Fun & Games
Clean Your Cat in Seconds

Cats can be… finicky. One minute we want to play, the next, we want to be left alone. One minute we want all the pets… until we’ve had enough –– and we’ll let you know!

As sporadic as our behavior may seem, we make sure to dish out the warning signs. It’s not our problem if you can’t catch them!

Now, when it comes to being cleaned, we’d like to think that we’ve got it covered. I mean, we have built in brushes in our mouths — they’re called tongues.

But if you’re going to insist on wiping us down, please ask yourself this first:

Would You Use Burning Baby Wipes?

Cat’s skin is not like human skin. Our skin’s pH averages at about 6.5, while human skin is closer to 5.5. So, the clean-feeling sensation you might get from using baby wipes actually burns us a bit, which can cause irritation, blotches and excess scratching… which only exacerbates the problem.

Burning and itching aside, would you feed your baby cat food? I would think not —- our differing anatomies call for differing solutions. In this case, in the form of actual pet wipes!

Once more…

Are Your Pet Wipes Safe to Be Licked?

Like I said before: we take pride in how effective our tongues are for cleaning purposes. Plus, we can be a little obsessive when it comes to our self-care. But sometimes we feel like there’s a spot we just can’t reach. Like we’re never quite clean enough.

That’s where cat wipes come in. They pick up whatever our tongues may have left behind. Only, being wiped down a few times won’t stop us from wanting to lick ourselves more.

To that I ask you, pet owners: would you be ok with your kitty licking a baby wipe? I ask this because most ‘cat wipes’ are just repackaged baby wipes.

So if you wipe your cat down, then they lick themselves, they may as well be licking the baby wipe. Are you ok with that?

If not, then we have a solution for you!

Bathe-Friendly Cat Wipes

Baby wipes, sorry, pet wipes are designed to sterilize surfaces that aren’t meant to be licked. Unfortunately, the surface of a cat’s body doesn’t qualify, which is why our engineers made all natural cat wipes that are totally safe for your cats.

More specifically, they’re:

🐾 catnip-infused and made with food-grade formula that’s 100% safe for cats to lick

🐾 designed to clean your cat’s teeth to prevent buildup (yep, they double as a toothbrushes)

🐾 moist, not wet so you can clean your cat without leaving them soaking wet

🐾 made with special enzymes to break down excrement for a squeaky clean behind

🐾 equipped with soft, calming scents like lavender to calm your kitty down

Take it from me, I use these wipes multiple times per week!

About the Author: Fiona

Fiona has been the President & CEO of Pawer Lab for X years. She manages day-to-day operations to ensure everything’s running purrfectly. Her hobbies include chasing lasers, taking naps and snacking on treats.

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