Wipe-Away Dog Ear Infections with Ease
The Simplest Way to Reduce Ear Infections in Dogs

You guys might think it’s cute when we shake our heads, but we usually do it because our ears are itchy. How would you like feeling an itch that you can never quite scratch? Well, we try to scratch it, but that only leaves us with rashes that just add pain to the itch.

That’s because our ears’ pH ranges from 4.6 to 7.4, which is a prime environment for bacterial growth.

These are the kinds of things I get when my ears are bothering me:

🐾 redness or sometimes swelling

🐾 sporadic discharge

🐾 a never-ending need to scratch-away

🐾 unpleasant odors

If this sounds familiar, you might want to take your best friend to the vet before it becomes worse.

If this isn’t yet the case, here are some tips for preventing these awful infections:

Be Proactive

Ear infections can sometimes be unexpected. Since there’s no real way to predict when our ears will be at risk, it pays to regularly check them. Once or twice a week should do it.

Keep Your Dog’s Ears Dry

Most ear infections occur due to a combination of bacteria and yeast – both of which thrive in wet (or damp) areas. Keeping your dog’s ears dry is ideal. But we’re guessing you can’t commit to 24/7 monitoring. So try this:

Other Wipes Just Don’t Cut It

As I said before, our ear’s pH is a natural breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, yeast, fungal elements — even parasites! The problem with other “pet wipes” is they aren’t pet wipes at all. They’re rebranded baby wipes, made for babies’ skin that burn and irritate our ears.

And let’s not forget those impossible-to-use droplets that are riddled with unnecessary chemicals! Our wipes are made with one natural ingredient: apple cider vinegar, which is proven to clean dog’s ears, fight moisture and soothe swelling without risking infection.

Invest in Pawer Dog Ear Canal Wipes

Because we were so sick of the scratching, we specially-designed all natural dog wipes just for our ear canals. These wipes are eco-friendly, prevent formation of yeast and fungi and at pH 3.0, they do so without irritating your dog’s ears. After all, they’re made with simple, natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar.

Think about it. If wiping your dog’s ears would reduce future vet visits, wouldn’t it be worth it? Not to mention how much more comfortable your dog will be!

Disclaimer: these wipes are designed exclusively for canine ear canals and shouldn’t be used under any other condition.

About the Author: Hazel

Hazel is our head engineer, where he develops and tests Pawer Lab’s latest pup-focused inventions. He’s passionate about enjoying the little things in comfort. His hobbies include fetching tennis balls, rides in the car and stalking the mailman.

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