Make Cleaning Your Pup a Walk in the Park
The Easiest, Most Effective Way to Clean Your Dog

Our four-legged engineers couldn't stop barking about how much they love going for walks. Through the park, on the beach – even just a quick stroll down the block has their tails wagging like they’re putting out a fire.

But like anything, even the most glorious of walks must come to an end. That’s when the chaos begins. Your dog’s:

  • paws get muddy
  • coat gets filled with pollen and dander
  • starting to smell like a hound

The Post-Walk Struggle

Want in on a little secret? Dogs despise being ‘wiped down’ with traditional pet wipes. They call them “baby baths''. But it’s not just the ‘forced sanitation’ that sinks their tails to the floor. It’s actually the ingredients in the wipes.

The truth is, conventional wipes have just too much acidic for dog’s skin, so they become irritated, causing blotches, rashes and a whole lot of scratching. Then, of course the excess scratching only makes matters worse. This is all because most ‘pet wipes’ aren’t really pet wipes. They’re just baby wipes with different packaging.

A Problem You Can Wipe-Away

Remember when we said conventional wipes are too high in acid? They are, so it’s a good thing our dog wipes are anything but ordinary. See, our engineers and product managers are dogs, so you know they’re going to do right by their fellow canine. That’s why our wipes are pH-neutral, which won’t irritate your pup’s skin at all.

But That’s Not All…

Few things are more annoying than taking your dog for a walk, only for them to track pollen and dander into your home. Next thing you know, everyone in the house is sneezing and teary-eyed. Our doggy doctors wanted to prevent this for two reasons: because they don’t like sneezing and they don’t want to give their owners reasons to skip their walks. So, they designed our wipes to seamlessly pick up pollen and dander!

Straight From Your Dog’s Mouth

Not-so-fun fact: oral-related problems are still the #1 cause for unexpected vet visits. While this may be surprising, it shouldn’t be.

It’s unrelated to walking, but dogs are prone to excess plaque build-up, which can cause oral health concerns that can trickle down to their bodies. Our pH-neutral pet wipes don’t just wipe-away pollen without irritating your pet’s skin, they also double as a toothbrush. That means you can keep your dog’s mouth clean, save money on all those vet visits and spend more time playing and cuddling with your best friend.

Don’t Use Baby Wipes on Your Dog

You might call your dog your ‘baby’, but that doesn’t mean you should use baby wipes on them. Especially when you’re a click-away from snagging our all natural, eco-friendly alternative! I know I’m a cat but trust me when I say that these are made for dogs. They’re multi-purposed so your dog can feel cleaner, while needing fewer vet visits.

About the Author: Fiona

Fiona has been the President & CEO of Pawer Lab for 2 years. She manages day-to-day operations to ensure everything’s running purrfectly. Her hobbies include chasing lasers, taking naps and snacking on treats.

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