Do Your Pet Towels Feel Like Wet Towels?
Quickly Absorb Messes With This Jumbo-Sized Microfiber Towel

A wet pet is a messy pet and sometimes the ‘shake strategy’ just doesn’t cut it. Let’s face it: getting your pet dry shouldn’t be a difficult task, but it almost always is. Especially when you’re using a scratchy, low-quality towel.

… and as a dog who just can’t shake himself dry, no matter how hard he tries, you can trust me on this one. And when your pet is wet, they can make a real mess of the house.

The worst part? Every time, someone has to yell out “what smells like wet dog?”

I have to admit, this one hurts my feelings…

The Only Towel You’ll Ever Need

You might be thinking “it’s a towel, what’s the big deal?” Well, this towel’s soft, high-tech edgeless design is so superior you can literally feel the difference.

Here’s what separates its design from your granddog’s towel:

🐾 super-sized design is big enough to wrap around any animal(s) no matter how big they are

🐾 soft-to-the-touch microfiber feels so cozy for everyone involved

🐾 high-performance microfiber materials are machine washable and made to stand the test of time

🐾 is absorbent enough to dry 3 15-lb dogs in a row

These towels are made for cats, dogs and any other pet that gets wet. So, whether your pet’s fresh off a bath, a dip in the pool or anywhere in between, you’ll have a high-performance towel made to dry them off so they can be house-ready!

… you might even want to buy a towel for yourself. Just don’t tell your pet!

About the Author: Hazel

Hazel is our head engineer, where he develops and tests Pawer Lab’ latest pup-focused inventions. He’s passionate about enjoying the little things in comfort. His hobbies include fetching tennis balls, rides in the car and stalking the mailman.

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