Behind the Scenes

Lots of people and pets love what they get from PawerLab. But little do they know what goes on behind-the-scenes…

Our Factory’s Like a Zoo!

It usually starts with Hazel (Chief Engineer) or Kenzie (Pet Toy Engineer) — Hazel tends to get down to business, while Kenzie’s always playing around.

Someone has an idea, usually after scratching their ear.

“... what if we…”

(most of the time that goes nowhere)

But when it does, great things happen. Enough to get the dogs barkin’ and the cats meowin’! Because we’re in the business of making pets' lives easier and that much more cuddly. So, the team gets down to brainstorming. Some graphs are made up, then the time comes…

Pitching our idea to Ramen (Pet Wipe Engineer).

Don’t get us wrong, Ramen’s a nice wiener dog. But he’s not all bark when it comes to business — so we’re expected to send both of his ears to the sky. If Ramen likes our idea, then we can take it up to the REAL boss, Fiona (CEO)!

As business minded as Fiona is, she can get a bit catty. But that’s ok because they’re just love bites. We think. But we’ll be honest, Fiona’s the best. We can take all the walks we want, as long as we don’t interrupt her cat naps. All around, we’re a pretty tight-knit team and we wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s why we’d like to thank all the canines and kitties for all their hard work.

Oh yeah — if Fiona purrs loud enough, we’re approved to start designing, producing and shipping environmentally-friendly products to all the lucky cats and dogs.

That’s where you come in! We’d like to thank you as well, for all your support. It’s not easy making these products day in and day out, but seeing your zoomies makes it all worthwhile.

Special thanks to Chisal Soft team that realizes Fiona's idea into a cool site and Designer Peng makes the dream come true using his pen!

-       The PawerLab Team

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