Some of us felines can be finicky: we HATE being bathed, but LOVE being petted. If that sounds like your fur-end, then I recommend this - an SPA cat glove. It’s made of the same durable, food-grade (and catnip-infused) material as our cat wipes, but in glove form. That means you can clean your kitty just by petting them. Now you can truly bond with your cat while providing them with much-needed grooming!
Product Features:

Made With a Food-Grade Formula: 100% safe for cats to lick because let’s be honest, they will anyway

Fits Like a Glove: Same great cat wipe, but as a glove so you can pet your kitty clean

Multi-Purpose Use: Can double as a dental wipe to prevent unsavory plaque buildup

Cat-Friendly Design: Catnip-infused for a resistance-free experience

Moist, Not Wet: Made to clean your cat without leaving the soaking wet

All-Around Relaxing: Equipped with soft, calming scents like lavender

Squeaky Clean Kitties: Made with special enzymes to break down excrement for a squeaky-clean tail area