I have a confession on behalf of all cats: we can’t stop licking ourselves. It’s literally how we bathe. Since I can’t stop cleaning myself, I had our engineers design food-grade formula wipes. Oh, and don’t tell – but these are catnip-infused, so you won’t have to worry about any resistance from your feline friends! … and if you think your cat likes you now, you’ll definitely want to see them after a quick wipe-down!
Product Features:

Made With a Food-Grade Formula: 100% safe for cats to lick because let’s be honest, we will anyway

Multi-Purpose Use: Can double as a dental wipe to prevent unsavory plaque buildup

Cat-Friendly Design: Catnip-infused for a resistance-free experience

Moist, Not Wet: Made to clean your cat without leaving them soaking wet

All-Around Relaxing: Equipped with soft, calming scents

Squeaky Clean Kitties: Made with special enzymes to break down excrement for a squeaky-clean tail area