You’d be surprised how common ear infections occur in canines. Our scientists and engineers couldn’t stop the scratching, so they got to work on wipes that are specially designed for their ears and their ears only. These eco-friendly ear canal wipes easily prevent yeast or fungi-related ear infections and are acid-based (pH 3.0) to prevent irritation too! Fewer infections mean less time at the vet and more time playing fetch at the park.
Product Features:

Naturally Made: Contains basic natural ingredients, such as: apple cider vinegar

Just For Dogs: Made exclusively for cleaning dog’s alkaline-based ear canals

Reduce Ear Infections: Proactively prevents yeast or fungi-caused infections in the ear

The Better Choice: The ultimate alternative to alternative dog ear canal cleaners, which are made with hard ingredients

Disclosure: Avoid use for anything other than dog’s ear canal cleanings!

WARNING: Only use these for dog’s ear canals – nothing else!