All Natural Pawer Dog Wipes

Our engineers wouldn’t stop barking about how much they hated being “wiped down”. They would complain about their skin getting irritated and pollen getting to them during allergy season. Oh, and did you know that oral health is the leading cause for doggy vet visits? That’s why we created these all natural, eco-friendly alternatives to conventional wipes. These are designed to be soft, yet durable, can wipe-away pollen AND be used to clean plaque off your pup’s teeth. That way, our humans can spend less time cleaning their pets and bringing them to the vet and more time cuddling them at home!
Product Features:

Made For You: Born out of years worth of rigorous research (thank you veterinarians and pet owners!) conducted to right the errors other pet care companies are content with

Allergen-Wicking: Made to effortlessly wipe-away pollen and other pesky allergens so you can take your dog out for a walk without tracking any harmful allergens into your home

Better Oral Health: Doubles as a doggy dental wipe, allowing you to literally wipe-away plaque and preserve your dog’s oral health without having to struggle with brushing their teeth.

Friendly For Dog Skin: Sits at pH level 7.0, which is specially-designed to be sensitive for dog’s alkaline skin

Always Up For The Task: Designed soft-to-the-touch and extra-large for easy use, even for bigger dogs

Durable Wipes: These wipes are designed to be thick and soft for easy use